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Global Maneequin proud to introduce their brand new range of plastic mannequins. These mannequins are manufactured from state of the art polycarbonate silicone which is a highly resilient substance. The plastic is a pigmented resin layer that gives great colors and smooth finish. Plastic material mannequins are fast becoming a well-liked option of display mannequins. While retail mannequins have traditionally been produced in materials for example fiberglass, plaster or timber, the business is seeking for additional environmentally appropriate mannequins. Plastic material mannequins are the variety of mannequins that buyers have been completely seeking for. They produced in an eco friendly way and are entirely recyclable, delivering an additional eco pleasant choice for clients than standard fiberglass. Why select a plastic mannequin for your Shop Display? Virtually Unbreakable as opposed to fiber glass these plastic mannequins are strong and very challenging to break Tough the plastic material is pigmented resin layer to offer the mannequin a smooth finish, no paint peeling with exceptional mechanical strength. Light Weight - The lighter character of these plastic mannequins creates the assembly simpler and less costly to transport. Eco Friendly - clean producing and pollution free environmentally friendly procedure to produce. One of the most common kinds could be the life-size mannequin. These types of mannequins are exactly the same size as a true person and have arms, legs, hands, feet, plus a head. Most of them can be posed in different positions to offer them a additional lifelike look. They are utilized to design trousers, shirts dresses and shoes, as well as other types of outfits. Plastic mannequins are simple to use and have convertible head, moveable legs arms so you are able to pose them in any desired position. The flexible dimension in the mannequins allows them to fit clothes better for display outfits in shop shows and a retail environment. The strong tough construction allows for minimal fuss with no need to be concerned about harm with constant redressing and repositioning. Male (28) Female (39) Kids (31) Torso (16) Headless (10) Dummy (5) Couple (4) Wigs (15) Leg (3) Funny (5) Undergarments (10) Jewellery GLOBAL MANNEQUIN ( ) as it defines the role of the mannequins. Today Mannequins are considered the sculptures of success. In the visual merchandising the company has come up with the Lounge Mannequins line which has removable heads as well as convertible heads. One mannequin can give different guises. I also has 'removable shoes' in our mannequins. The foot is abstract wherein there are four different types of clips, giving the mannequin different heights. The company provides wide range of exclusive hard wigs which put life in our mannequins. It has Lounge Lines for the realistic mannequins and Future and Absolute Abstract for abstract mannequins. Apart from this it has mannequins of teens, kids and babes which are either realistic or abstract. Global Display Solution provides a wide range of mannequins in the category of male, female and kids at affordable prices. The mannequins at GLOBAL MANNEQUIN are of high quality and are Eco-friendly as they can be recycled easily. In addition with mannequins services, GLOBAL MANNEQUIN are also coming up with store accessories as well as customized display solution. For the company the concept of a new mannequin collection is a creative process that develops out of intuition, and moods, a sixth sense of fashion that has to be able to envisage future demands. It is determined to give customers different options which in turn give them more value for their money. Along with mannequins the company also produces hangers, racks and window display props. for more enquer click here


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